Date of incorporation 23.03.1985
 Company No. 137293-M
 Paid up capital RM100,000.00
 Registration with Authorities

Pendafttar Syarikat Malaysia
Private Limited Company

2. Pusat Khimat Kontraktor
Class D, Head III, Sub-head 4,6,17(J)
3. Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia
Gred G3, Kategori ME and Pengkhususan M1
 Principal Activities

Design & Installation of Fountain & Water Feature System

2. Design & Installation of Swimming Pool, Spa & Sauna System
3. Design & Installation of Fish Pond System
4. Supply of Fountain & Swimming Pool System Equipment & Parts
 Trade Agency Exclusive Representation and Sole Import of OASE Fountain Equipment in Malaysia Since 1986.
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